Age Groups

"I may not be there yet but I'm closer than I was yesterday"

"I may not be there yet but I'm closer than I was yesterday"


Primary Age 3-6

Tiny Dancers (Ballet/Jazz Combo)

Fall 2019

11:30AM-12:15PM Tuesdays (12 weeks)

4:30-5:15 PM Wednesdays (9 Month Session. Recital participation. )

12:15-1:00 PM Saturdays (9 Month Session. Recital participation)

Tiny Singers and Dancers (Musical Theatre)

Fall 2019

4:30PM-5:15PM Tuesdays (12 weeks)

Tiny Boppers (Hip Hop/ Jazz Combo) 

 Fall 2019

4:15PM-5:00PM Fridays (12 weeks)

Tiny Tumblers (Intro to Acro and Gymnastics)

Fall 2019

 3:15PM-4:00PM Fridays (12 weeks)

Tiny Tappers (Intro to Rhythms and Tap Dance)

Fall 2019

4:15PM-5:00PM (12 weeks)


For more information on styles see Dance Styles or Circus Aerials

Fall 2019


4:45PM-5:45PM Jazz 2 Tuesday (9 month)

5:00PM-6:00PM Jazz 3 Wednesday (9 month)

6:00PM-7:00PM Jazz 1 Thursday (9 month)


2:45PM-3:45PM Saturdays Ages 5-7 - Ballet 1 Saturday (9 month)

4:15PM-5:15PM Mondays Ballet 2 (9 month)


1:00 pm-2:00 PM Wednesdays Homeschoolers Acro (12 weeks)

1:45PM-2:45PM Saturdays Jr. Acrobatic Arts Level 1/2 (9 month)

4:15 PM-5:15 PM Thursdays Acrobatic Arts Level 3 (9 month)

7:00 PM-8:00 PM Thursdays Acrobatic Arts Level 4 (9 month)


For more information on styles see Dance Styles or Circus Aerials


Professional Division Age 5-17

Professional Division Auditions May 26th  

Must be able to attend all PD workshops and performances. 

Mandatory hours and classes will vary by age group.

Mandatory Summer Professional Division Intensive  (Pre-PD excluded)

We are excited to announce the third year of our professional division!

The Professional Division is an auditioned group of passionate dancers that want a little more from their dance training. They must take a minimum requirement of classes including ballet through En L'air Academy of Dance, as well as the Summer intensive August 26th - 30th.

Professional Division groups participate in alternating years in a production and in competitions to ensure they are well rounded and prepared for a possible future professional career in dance and performing arts.

Our Production for the 2019/20 Season will be Beauty and the Beast!




Adult Dance, Circus and Fitness


Fall 2019

For more information on styles see Dance Styles

Golden Girls Dance Fit (Seniors Dance and Fitness) - Tuesdays 10:30AM-11:30AM (12 week)

Adult Aerials - Adult Aerials 1/2 Mondays 8:15PM-9:15PM (12 week)

- Doubles & Drops Thursdays 6:30-7:30 pm (12 week)

- Adult Lyra Thursdays 8:00PM-9:00PM (12 week)

- Adult Silks B Wednesdays 7:15PM-8:15PM (12 week)

Adult Barre Fitness - Wednesdays 8:15PM-9:15PM (12 week)