Nobody cares if you can’t dance well. Just get up and dance. Great dancers are great because of their passion.
— Martha Graham


Creative Tots Club - Ages 2 to 4

Baby Steps is the perfect program for 2 to 4 year olds who just want to move, groove, pretend and explore. 


This program is designed to build independence from the parent preparing toddlers for full time daycare and or school, and it is recommended that after a few classes the child be left alone. This also will give mommy or daddy some much needed free time! Please pack your groovy tot with a backpack or bag with a labeled peanut and banana free snack, labeled diaper or pull up and preferred wipes, and change of clothing in case of accidents and a water bottle. In this program children will explore dance, music, drama, yoga, fine art, and creative playtime. Each week we explore a different theme to constantly stimulate your child, keep them interested and enable them to always learn and grow in different ways.

Dance: It is beneficial for tots to start dancing at this age because it will aid in the development of their fine motor skills and coordination, they will learn basic movement that can build to any style of dance.

Singing: At this age tots can begin to train their ears to hear different rhythms in music; we will also explore counting as we count the beats and sing and count music.

Drama: It is important to keep children’s imagination alive, in drama we will act and pretend as we immerse ourselves in different worlds and tell stories with our faces and bodies.

Yoga: Starting tots off in the right direction with wellness, we will guide them through basic salutations, poses and stretches that take us through a story.

Crafts: What child doesn’t love arts and crafts? We will explore our themes through art and explore different medias and get on the right path for their artistic development.

Gymnastics: Acrobatics and Gymnastics give children better body awareness and set them up for success in fitness and sports. They will begin to explore basic stretches, balance, rolls and donkey kicks on mats.

Creative playtime: It is important for tots to have time to play and grow with new friends, it enables them to be creative with different toys and learn basic sharing and social skills.




Class Location:
12221 44th Street SE Suite 20, Calgary, AB T2Z 4H3 Canada